SCNA Festival with The Gathering

Festival with The Gathering

What a wonderful event! The SCNA and Mount Royal CDC cannot thank The Gathering enough for believing in our cause and for showcasing what a rich and vibrant place West Baltimore can be!  State Center Redevelopment will bring jobs and access to jobs, affordable housing and it will end the food desert through its transit-orientated development and a focus on community – all the communities.  Close to 1,000 people turned out to this event – excited about the possibilities of the future!

Let’s ‪#‎growbaltimore‬ at ‪#‎statecenter‬! Let’s invest in Baltimore West and continue to ‪#‎gather‬ there!

Another big thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible: Heritage Crossing Resident Association; Mount Vernon-Belvedere Association; The Historic Upton Neighborhoods, Mt. Royal Improvement Association, Druid Heights Community Development Corporation, Midtown Community BenefitsDistrict, Midtown Matters – Baltimore, Mcculloh Homes Resident Council,Seton Hill Neighborhood, Jubilee Baltimore, United Baptist Missionary Convention, Historic Marble Hill Association, Madison Park Improvement Association, Pennsylvania Avenue Redevelopment Collaborative, Historic Mount Royal Terrace Associationand Mount Royal Community Development Corporation, Councilman Eric T. Costello, Senator Catherine E. Pugh, Barbara A. Robinson,Antonio Hayes, Mary Washington, Mary Washington for Delegate, 43rd District, Carl Stokes, Maggie McIntosh, Janet Allen, James W. Hamlinm,The Avenue Bakery, Wanda Gibson Best, Alvin C. Hathaway, Lisa Meyerhardt, Greg Sileo, Kevin Macartney, Ashe Smythe, Jacob GreanKatherine Ziombra, Brent Pertusio, Stephen Howard, Steva Komeh, Dale Terrill, Sally Wingo,Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Prez Jack Young, Liam Davis, and Justin Lane.

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State Center Redevelopment Festival!

UPDATE!  The Festival in Support of State Center Redevelopment with The Gathering has been rescheduled for May 15th!  

State Center Redevelopment will create a livable walkable community in Baltimore West.  This redevelopment will not only bring new jobs, and a grocery store, but it will also become a city-wide destination, with retail, office, and residential, linking the surrounding 9 communities together.

This SCNA is teaming with The Gathering to throw an amazing festival at the State Center site itself.  Get ready for food trucks, music and fun – Come join us to see what a wonderful, vibrant place State Center can be!

Let’s invest in Baltimore West!

Admission is free; $3 suggested donation.  RSVP here!

Check out the FB event page!

Interested in helping?  Contact us at

Success!! Thanks to all of you!

We had an amazing night!  Full of good drinks, wonderful atmosphere, and most importantly, great company!

Thank you everyone who came out in support of State Center redevelopment!   The State Center Neighborhood Alliance, along with Mount Royal Community Development Corporation hosted a great event!

We were honored to have so many local leaders in attendance, to include Council President Jack Young, Councilman Eric Costello, Councilman Carl Stokes, as well as representatives from the Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s Office and the Baltimore Development Corporation. Former Mayor Sheila Dixon and former Delegate Shawn Tarrant also attended the event to express their support of a new State Center!

Community leaders from Druid Heights Community Development Corporation, Heritage Crossing Residents Association, Historic Mount Royal Terrace, McCulloh Homes Residents Association, Madison Park Improvement Association, Marble Hill Community Association, Midtown Development Corporation, Mt. Royal Improvement Association, Mt. Vernon Belvedere Association, Pennsylvania Ave Redevelopment Collaborative, Seton Hill Association, United Baptist Missionary Convention & Auxiliaries of Maryland and Upton Planning Committee were in instrumental in planning and most were even able to attend! Also showing support were the Maryland State Medical Society CEO Gene Ransom III and UMd Student Bar Assn President Ben Smith.  What a list!

Stay tuned – we still have a lot more work to do, and we’ll be calling on you to keep up the pressure.  Let’s get this done!

SCNA president John Kyle signing a petition in support of State Center Redevelopment


11th District Councilman Eric Costello signing his name in support of State Center Redevelopment
Former Mayor Sheila Dixon speaking with some party attendees
Council President’s Neighborhood liaison Liam Davis with Wanda Best, SCNA Board Member and Executive Director of Upton Planning Committee
Locust Point Civic Association president Greg Sileo chatting about the benefits of State Center redevelopment to attendees
Seton Hill Association board member Aaron Greenlun signing his name in support of State Center redevelopment
Ryleigh’s, packed with supporters for the redevelopment of State Center
MRCDC Vice President Jacob Green addresses the audience at the SCNA Happy Hour
MRCDC Vice President Jacob Green addresses the audience at the SCNA Happy Hour