Community Action for State Center

What can you do to ensure that the State Center Redevelopment Center Happens?

Here’s what we’ve been doing:
Sent a letter of support to State Treasurer Nancy Kopp
Sent a letter of support the Board of Estimates
Sent an op-ed in support of the redevelopment to the Baltimore Sun

Here’s what you can do:
Sign this petition
Vote in this online survey

Here’s a copy of the petition – it is going to the Maryland State House and the Maryland State Senate.

Dear local and state leaders,

I am a Baltimore resident and I am writing to explicitly state my support for the State Center Redevelopment project.  This project will fulfill the promise of jobs, homes, retail, robust transit and healthy living standards that our community has dedicated over 8 years to achieve.  This is an opportunity not only to increase the City’s tax base, but to create an added feeling of community and bring neighborhoods together.

The State Center Redevelopment project, as envisioned, will provide a rich and vibrant scene to West Baltimore. The project will turn 28-acres of non-tax-paying land into tax-producing property in the tens of millions of dollars, helping to further our Mayor’s pledge to bring 10,000 new families into the City.   It is through innovative and sustainable projects such as this where we can highlight the City’s capacity to not only grow, but to set the standard for City living across the nation.

If this project does not go forward, and development in the City is allowed to stagnate, then we will all lose, as this central 28-acre site will not only continue to divide neighborhoods, but will serve as a blight on the City and discourage positive development in the future.  We count on our elected officials to support this project.

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