Moving to Seton Hill, A New Resident’s Perspective

Blog post published 9/26/2014 — I moved to Seton Hill this summer, 2013, but I have been hearing about it for more than five years.  I grew up in the suburbs, and while the idea of living in a city appealed to me, the closest I had come was living in Arlington, VA.  I thought the next move I would make would be to Washington, D.C., but in the end, in a complete change of events, I moved to England.  I did not live in the big city of London, instead I lived in the quaint town of Harrogate, about four hours north of London.  I spent five years there, and I loved every minute of it.  I loved how beautiful the town was, I loved all the little shops, and the local grocery store (Peter, the store owner, was always able to help me choose the fresh vegetables and gave advice on how to cook the bitter apples).  I loved that I didn’t need a car, and that I could take the bus or train anywhere.

Then I had to move back to the United States.  My partner had moved back to the city a year before I did.  He is the one who had been talking about his neighborhood, Seton Hill, for the last five years.  He moved to Seton Hill more than 10 years ago, and now owns two houses here.

When I arrived, fresh from the airport, I instantly fell in love with the neighborhood.  It’s quaint, and beautiful, and reminded me of my beloved England.  Its narrow streets, the brick rowhomes, the large green space.  I felt I was home.  And, when I am ready to get away – the bus, train and the nearby airport all make that an incredibly easy affair to accomplish.

It’s been five months since I have moved back, and already I feel like I am a part of the community.  The neighbors have been more than welcoming – not only offering me assistance with moving in, but also their friendship as well.

I thought I would be lost in the US after having been abroad for so long – but it turns out Seton Hill has all the quaintness of Europe and the friendliness of the US.