Primaries are over

Now what?  Well, first of all, you’re not done voting.  This election was to choose who will run in the General Election, 4 November 2014.  Primaries are elections within a political party to determine who will run in the General Election.  At the moment, here are the candidates for the upcoming General Election:

Anthony G. Brown and Ken Ulman (D)
Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford (R)

Peter Franchot (D)
William H. Campbell (R)

Attorney General:
Brian E. Frosh (D)
Jeffrey N. Pritzker (R)

US Congress, District 7:
Elijah Cummings (D)
Corrogan R. Vaughn (R)

State Senators, District 40:
Catherine E. Pugh (D)

State Representatives, District 40:
Antonio Hayes
Frank M. Conaway, Jr.
Barbara A. Robinson

State’s Attorney, Baltimore City:
Marilyn J. Mosby

If you are interested in the full election results, you can find them on the State Board of Election’s webpage.